MEGAN HOLT – designer

redo megan holt.jpg

what is your hometown? 

my hometown is austin, texas—known for being weird!

in three words, describe your personality.

warm, positive, go-getter

what's on your coffee table right now?

a basket full of polaroids we take of the people that come and stay with us. we got this idea from a friend and we love reliving these sweet memories through photos! we also have "shoot the moon" which is an old game that people get addicted to! if they conquer it, they can sign the back and date it. my name is nowhere to be found!

what is your favorite thing about nashville?

all the music we get to experience! my husband and i can walk to centennial park and watch live music during the summer/fall and it's my favorite :)

what do you love most about working at redo?

i love the freedom we have to be entrepreneurs. i get the opportunity to work with some crazy talented women. i am constantly inspired by each of them and their creativity!