CLARE KENNEDY – designer

Clare Headshot.jpg

what is your hometown? 

my hometown is indianapolis, indiana! we are known for the indianapolis 500, for great basketball, and corn fields.

in three words, describe your personality.

intuitive, dynamic, creative

what's on your coffee table right now?

a brass "catch-all" tray, remote control, a stray dog bone, elle decor, and probably this mornings coffee cup.

what is your favorite thing about nashville?

i love hiking and being outside. it's amazing that we have so many beautiful parks and trails within nashville's city limits.

what do you love most about working at redo?

i love that redo is a bunch of creative, passionate, talented women. and yet we enjoy each others company, encourage each others businesses, and manage to still have a lot of fun! getting to work with a great team and create beautiful things is a dream.