Mitzi Maynard's latest renovation progress

Give us some history on this home!

The house was built by Hank Williams Jr. in the 1960’s

What major changes will we see in the new layout ?

A lot!  We knocked out walls, vaulted the ceiling on the main floor, moved doors, made the original master bedroom into a master bath & closet, and we are in the process of creating an entire new master bedroom in place of where a large balcony originally existed.

What materials did you choose and why?

My client's style is crisp and clean, so we chose a lot of black and white with gold accents & finishes.

Name one challenge you experienced in this reno?

The new large open concept for the main floor. While it’s great to live in, it also presented us with the challenge of using the space wisely!

Take a peek through the before and current progress pictures below!

*p.s. Mitzi is still in need of a hashtag - any suggestions are welcome :)