Kitchen Design

The kitchen is a space we spend more time in than most in our home... from cooking, to entertaining, it is the heart of the home. Most of the time, those looking to invest in a new home or renovation have the kitchen on the top of their list. Remodeling magazine has found that the ROI for a kitchen remodel can range anywhere from 50% - 80% depending on the level of your renovation. Today, Mitzi Maynard and Lori Paranjape are sharing some of their favorite kitchen designs. 

Design: Mitzi Maynard & Photography: Kristen Mayfield

This project was a large renovation.  The client had planned to build, but found a great property that had an existing home and our goal was to redesign it to meet my clients needs and wants.  The home owners wanted to make a kitchen where they could have large family gatherings, parties, and space for their growing family (dreams of having several more children). This family lives a healthy life style so we designed it with a smoothie station as part of the beverage center, and pantry away from the cooking space.  It was a large space and mixing different materials became an important part of the over all design. Scroll through to see the before & after!

Design: Lori Paranjape & Photography: Kristen Mayfield

This kitchen was an exercise in contrast... we went dark on the cabinets (cerused black oak), and in order to keep the space feeling light, use thick white quartz countertops. The result is fresh and clean, which feels surprising for a black kitchen!