Meet Nashville Artist, Katie Madden

When did you know you wanted to paint… Is this something you went to school for?

I was actually in my first art show in the second grade (Dogwood Festival in Atlanta). Art has always been my escape, even from a young age. I was very active in my school's art program and took full advantage of all the mediums they had to offer... painting was by far my favorite! Being creative is a vital part of my life and I love that I had the opportunity to explore different art avenues in school. I also studied Art History in college as my parents did not want me to be a "starving artist on the side of the road" right out of school. Ha!

Who is a favorite artist of yours?

I admire and respect the work of both Henri Matisse and Mark Rothko. Their use of color and balance is very relatable. In terms of modern day art (especially in the south), I love of Sally King Benedict and Catherine Booker Jones... their work just inspires me! 

Tell us something most would be surprised to hear about you!

My senior year of high school I took the last month off to paint a 20ft mural in honor of a student that had passed away. The painting took over a month and still remains in the art building today.  One of the most important pieces I have ever created. I also just went full time with my art business... I had been working around the clock to keep this side business from appearing like it was full time... but really it was happening on the weekends/at night after work! 

Where do you draw inspiration from?

This is a very loaded question (to me), because honestly it an come from anywhere. I love working with designers and clients; trying to capture their vision into a space... I love a good commission challenge! I am inspired by beautiful interiors as well as coffee table books!

Where can we find you when you’re not working?

Right now, wedding planning! After December, I will be traveling with my husband to Greece, Jackson Hole and California! For business, I will be doing a ton of client projects all over the country which I am very excited about! First stop is a project in New York City! 

What is your favorite Nashville spot?

A good walk around Radnor and Epice for dinner... so good!

Anything (work or personal) you’re looking forward to in the near future?

Yes, my sister is having a baby any day now (first time Aunt) and I am getting married December 15th! So lots of exciting things happening for my family. I am also excited to be in a new studio space and working on lots of fun projects for 2019! Including some art shows!

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