white paint perfection

Instagram has been a great tool to connect with design lovers all over the country and around the world.  Our Nashville projects go up on our personal pages and on our Redo Home & Design page.  The most common comment is asking about paint colors, and more specifically, white paint colors.  So here is a look at my favorite white for interior and exterior with some photos to show how they look.

My go-to for interior white paint is... Benjamin Moore China White for walls paired with Benjamin Moore White Dove for trim.

BM China White walls + BM White Dove trim

BM China White walls + BM White Dove trim

For me, the combination is fresh and crisp, with just enough contrast between trim and wall color. BM White Dove for trim also applies to cabinetry and built-ins.  When the crown molding of the house meets the kitchen, the two whites are a match, instead of a clash.

BM China White walls + BM White Dove trim

BM China White walls + BM White Dove trim

When we take it outside, the color changes.  Bright sun, dark shadows and the expanse of a house requires us to tone down the brightness, and fill in with nuance.

After swatching and testing and squinting and debating, my clear winner for exterior white is Sherwin Williams Shoji White.

I am completely aware that it doesn't look remotely white.  But slathered all over the face of a house, I can assure you, it's white.

It's white without being screaming white.  White without feeling like a cruise ship.  It's sophisticated white. The tiniest touch of warm + cool to make the white feel rich and classic.

I know there are thousands of whites out there and thousands of opinions on the perfect one... I would love to hear yours!

xoxo, lori