#BrentwoodBoho :: Before + After ::

Designer: Mitzi Maynard

What was the client's end goal for their renovation, and what areas were you responsible for the design?

I  worked with this client in her previous home, and she was looking for a home that was better suited for she and her hubby, four boys, and a new puppy. It was great to be a part of their home search process as well! They found this home, loved the location (walking distance to the boys school), and it had the right layout for their family. However, it was outdated and the kitchen had a really disappointing lay out.

For me, this is where the fun begins! I was responsible for the kitchen, living room, dining room and all bathrooms. After a complete redesign of the kitchen, we were able to see the house come together. We started with great furnishings from the previous house, which helped keep the majority of our budget spent on renovations…including all bathrooms, lots of paint, new carpet, and many new lights.

Did you face any challenges in this renovation?
The most challenging but fun part was reconfiguring the kitchen.  We knocked down walls and columns, which allowed us to increase the cabinetry (by A LOT). One way we increased storage was by replacing the butler’s pantry with a floor to ceiling pull out pantry.   We also moved the location of the kitchen table so we could add a built in window bench beside the table to be used as a study space for the kids.

We love the colors in this home. What made you choose navy for the kitchen cabinets?

I have worked with this client for over five years, and this has consistently been one of her favorite colors, so it seemed like a no brainer to include it in the kitchen plans. 

What were you most excited about for this project?

In addition to redesigning the kitchen, one of my favorite parts about this project was getting to take the items we had selected for her previous home, and finding the perfect spot for them in the new home.

Take a peek below of this #BrentwoodBoho beauty’s transformation!

Photography: Joseph Bradshaw

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Meet Nashville Artist, Angela Simeone

Tell us a little bit about your path to becoming an artist?

I know its cliche to say it is in my blood, but it is, as my Aunt is an artist and I have artisans that go back as far as we can trace. However, with that said, I believe everyone is a maker of some sort and a creative. I have been painting full-time for 12 years.

Where do you draw inspiration?

My inspiration is color-theory based and I love whatever the Fashion Industry is doing.  For better or worse, they always make what’s old new again.

What is your favorite piece you have painted (and why)?

My favorite piece is one I did for Mrs. Paranjape.  It’s big, and pink, and has such great movement.  It's so liberating when you have a designer that trusts you, tells you what they want, and then just lets you do what you do. 

Who is your favorite artist?

Right now I am loving Florentijn Hofman, Marco Lorenzetto, and Katherine Bernhardt.

Favorite place to hang in Nashville?

My therapist’s office. I am a homebody and we have family game night quite often.  I love to hang with my husband and three boys.  We do hikes whenever we can at the White Trail at Percy Warner Parks.

Tell us a fun fact that would surprise people about you!

When I was a girl I lived in Hawaii and England.  I worked in the music business, had my own maternity line called "Mommy Fabulous", and owned a showroom at the Americas Apparel Mart in the ATL.

What exciting projects are in your pipeline? 

I have all kinds of exciting things in the pipeline, but they are just that for now.  In the pipeline.  I can’t count my chickens before they hatch, so who knows what will actually work out.  I am painting two commissions for a celebrity that I hope to reveal in September 2018!

For more Angela Simeone, visit  angelasimeone.com


 @angelasimeoneartistnashville on Instagram